The Guerrilla Knowledge Unit was co-founded by Jacina Leong & Dr Linda Knight.

Jacina Leong is an artist-curator, educator and researcher, who over the past decade, has worked in hybrid new media spaces, universities, national and international festivals, regional museums and galleries—to vision, develop, and deliver a diverse range of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary engagement programs, via highly collaborative, experimental and site-responsive processes. She is currently a PhD candidate at RMIT University, exploring critical-creative and care-full curatorial approaches to social innovation practices in museums and galleries.

Dr Linda Knight uses critical arts methodologies and practices in speculative research to examine human/non-human/inhuman urban citizenships. Her projects include: inefficiently mapping the ethics of urban sites; conventions of Artificial Intelligence and coding and issues of algorithmic diversity. Linda is a founding member of #FEAS Feminist Educators Against Sexism, an arts activist collective that uses irreverence, comedy and arts interventions to challenge and call out sexism in academia.

The 2017 Guerrilla Knowledge Unit pre-service teachers included Jess Martin, Ashley Lee and Dee Armstrong from the QUT School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education.

IMG_3332 2
The Guerrilla Knowledge Unit at the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival. Image courtesy of QUT Creative Industries Faculty.